Personal Data and Privacy Policy

Hands Off Danbury (“the Group”) has produced this Personal Data and Privacy policy to comply with the requirements of new EU legislation called the General Data Protection Regulation (’GDPR”). This document summarises the contents of the Group’s policy.

The Group’s status is that of an Unincorporated Association, the main purpose of which is the promotion of community action to resist such development in Danbury as the Group considers is unsustainable and/or inconsistent with the characteristics of Danbury.

In order for Hands Off Danbury to fulfil its aims, it needs to inform members of its activities, to keep them advised of matters that may affect the pursuit of these aims and to promote these to members and non-members.  The Group keeps minimal records and makes all best efforts appropriate to a voluntary body to maintain confidentiality, integrity and security of the personal data that it holds.

Personal data is any information relating to an identifiable living individual, but such personal data is only incidentally acquired by the Group.  It collects the contact information, mainly names and email addresses of residents who have contacted the Group, via its web-site or by other means.

In addition to data about individuals, the Group holds names and contact details of other individuals, for example, in local government, suppliers, businesses and also individuals with whom it has dealings.

The data we hold on individuals is used to distribute newsletters, and notices and to communicate generally with them on matters relating to the Group’s aims and activities. Such communications may take the form of hand-delivered paper copies or emails.

Recipients can opt-out of receiving these emails at any time by simply replying ‘STOP’ to an email.

Residents and others on whom the Group holds information have the right to request access to that information and can receive a copy of it and they have the right to limit, correct, or erase information held about them.  The Group relies on the accuracy of information provided by its individuals and will rectify any inaccuracies when notified of them.

Hands Off Danbury will not share the information it holds relating to any individual, with any third party, unless directed to do so by legal process.   We will only retain data about individuals for as long as they wish to remain in contact with the Group and receive information from us.