Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Who are Hands Off Danbury?

We are residents of Danbury, who live all over the village and our lifetime span in the village covers many hundreds of years. Just like you, we are the current custodians of the village. The village is on loan to us and it is in our interest to make certain that we help the village to have a long and sustainable future.

Who are Gladman Developments?

Gladman are based in Cheshire and describe themselves as “the UK’s most successful strategic land promoter”.
Gladman have taken a strategic decision to tackle a weakness in UK Government Policy and in particular where County Councils and District Councils do not have a current Strategic Development Local Plan. In many cases, local plans will not be in place until Spring 2018. We should point out that not all Gladman planning applications fall into this category, but a large number do.
Gladman simply find land and submit outline planning permission applications. If they are granted outline planning permission they sell that land along with the permission to the building developer with the highest bid. Yes this is about money. Gladman approach the land owners on a “No Win No Fee” basis and the landowner and Gladman split the profits.

How can you help us now?

If you are opposed to this planning application, now is the time to join our fight against the proposals.
Firstly you can join us on the 1st November 2016 @ 8.00pm at the Danbury Sports and Social Centre.
Secondly submit a formal objection against the proposal now that the planning application has gone in.
For guidance on making your objection, please [click here]
Every adult in your household is entitled to their opinion and can submit their own objection letter, this is an important point as one household could result in four objections!
Please contact us if you have some information that you think could help us fight this proposed development. All ideas are welcome and you could be the difference between success and failure for this campaign. Photographs can tell a story and on our website we ask residents to share photographs that might help us succeed.

How can you help with the appeal?

In order for Hands off Danbury to fight Gladman’s appeal, we need to have our arguments represented before HM Government’s Planning Inspectorate, and this will mean hiring a specialist planning lawyer to act on our behalf. We are currently choosing the lawyer we believe will be most beneficial to our case.

The good news is that Gladman can be defeated by a well-organised and well-presented case being made to the Planning Inspectorate, and they often have been, for example in our own neighbourhood by local residents’ campaign groups in Clavering and Thaxted just in the last few years. The bad news is that protecting our village will come at some considerable cost! We know from our friends in Clavering and Thaxted that fighting an appeal will cost tens of thousands of pounds, and that they were able to raise the majority of this through crowd funding and pledges from residents.

We sincerely hope that we will be able to convince Chelmsford City Council to reject the application. However, we know from experience that Gladman will take this to appeal.

Some residents have already made pledges to donate, for which we are extremely grateful. We will now have to consider fundraising events and other means of generating funds and we hope you will be able to assist with ideas and help.

We need funds and we need your help. Please consider a pledge or a donation, however small (although the more the better!)

For further information please see our Fundraising page.